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Dentist’s visits are a regular affair, especially if you adhere to the ADA rule of visiting the dentist every 6 months or so. Dentists become your lifelong partner of sorts and hence similar kind of care should be taken in choosing one.

Apart from qualifications, other factors like your comfort level with them, the ambiance of the clinic and location should also be considered in order to have a rewarding relationship. Here are some tips that would help you make the right decision.

Dental qualifications

This is, of course, the most important of all. The dentist should have the required qualifications to conduct his dental practice. Membership of a certain association like American Dental Association is also a plus. When you are checking the memberships also check the state dental board to know if the dentist has had any claims against him.


Try to get recommendations from your previous dentist or physician. Taking advice from friends, relatives or neighbors would also be helpful. You can also read online reviews. People are always willing to share any bad experience and would warn you about any bad dentist.

Clinic’s Ambience

The clinic’s ambiance should be friendly and make you feel comfortable. The staff should be supportive and helpful and you should feel at ease with the dentist. When you make your first visit check on the cleanliness and hygiene too. Ensure that proper safety precautions are taken while doing any examination.

Working hours

The clinic should have working hours that are convenient for you. They should be open on weekends and odd hours so that your work hours do not conflict with their working hours.


The clinic should be near to your home or office or your children’s school. It should be easy to reach during an emergency.


Check on the cost of a regular visit and what kind of payment modes they accept. Also, check on your insurance coverage. You may want to go to a dentist who is covered in your plan. Each dental procedure costs differently hence it would be better to check on the cost of each procedure.

Handling cases of emergency

In case of an emergency, the clinic should be able to provide assistance instead of referring you elsewhere. They should have an emergency number which you can call for advice. They should also be able to admit and treat you at odd hours in case of an emergency.

Just follow the tips given and will be able to find the right dentist of your choice, before you know it.

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